Belek is a township with own municipality in Serik district in Turkey's Antalya Province. The local population varies between 750 and 10,000 in low and high season, respectively.

Belek is one of the centers of Turkey's tourism industry and is as such home to more than thirty four-star and five-star hotels and many other accommodation, services and entertainment facilities.

Belek is a developing Golf Center of Turkey.

The Kurşunlu Waterfall is a place in Belek. There are over 100 bird species living by this natural wonder. The hidden cave at the back of the waterfall is a popular place for visiting. Near Belek there is the Hellenistic city of Perge, which is rated second after Ephesus and the great amphitheater of Aspendos that still today can hold over 15.000 spectators.

The ancient Aspendos amphitheatre holds 20,000 people is over 2000 years old and still hosts open- air classical, ballet and opera festivals today. The Roman ruins at Perge are some of the best preserved archaeological sites in Turkey. Side is one of the best known classical sites in Turkey.

Belek Town

In the centre of town the mosque stands alongside statues and a waterfall leading to extensive shopping in the tree lined boulevards. This area is key to Turkey's overall tourism plans having already benefited from substantial investment by the Turkish Tourism Ministry. Turkey is beginning to rival the Algarve for the numbers of golfing tourists annually.


With extensive new blue flag beach park facilities, standards of cleanliness are high with shower, toilet and changing facilities and car parking right on the beach.


15 years ago Belek was just a reedy and marshy area. Next few years within the framework of cooperation between Belek Tourism Investors Association (Betuyab) and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey that began to be the example of the first public-private partnership model Belek reached its current position as a tourism center that is famous on a world tourism market. Belek center is situated on the Mediterranean coast in 40 kilometers away from Antalya city, is stood on 17 km coast within 5-star hotels and started to create its own model of tourism center like the sea-sun-sand concept in the whole tourism system of Turkey in 1990s.

Now there are 47 five star hotels and 5 five star holiday villages with golf clubs in Belek. There is a capacity about 45 000 beds in these 47 hotels (37 hotels work on accommodation system, 10 – work like golf clubs), 2 golf clubs with accommodation facilities now are on the investment stage. After realization of these projects there will be 47 500 beds in Belek. Also there are 44 football fields and 200 tennis courts that welcome professional and amateur sportsmen.

Belek has an enviable reputation about submitting of high-quality services that are presented on the business and conference market. Hotels in this region also attach importance to the health and beauty services in tourism that are derived from the water sea and health-beauty centers in Thalasso, SPA, Medical and Beauty Centers. Belek is not just a resort and holiday place, at the same time it is an important and native habitat for a lot of species in the Mediterranean region.

With botanic researches there are more than 118 types of valuable plants, from them 6 types are rare, 40 types are unique (endemic). According to checkups more than 38 species of mammals, 100 species of birds, 30 species of reptiles and 51 species of spineless are existed there. Belek is a very important item for nature and also is famous as a “Sea Turtle Breeding Area”. Loggerhead sea turtles exclusively choose this place for living.